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A true connaseur's question...

Well, two things really..

A) can you add the release date to the Family Guy Volume 4 to the list of DVDs due out? I'm really interested in learning about that.

B) I Know the internet is readily available, but I'm tired and lazy and in pain and I dont feel like looking this up. Many Moons ago, there was a band called the Beatles. This was a great rock and roll band for their era. Then, they broke up. Some people moved on, some people died. Long story short, Paul McCartney formed a band called Wings, and their album "Band on the Run" was released. For the music connaseur, anyone who appreciates decent music knows there were many good songs on this album, but what many people fail to realize was that like some Beatles' albums, Paul McCartney released a rather comical movie to which "Band on the Run" was the soundtrack. Strange as it sounds, people still argue whether or not Band on the Run was the Soundtrack, or "Give My Regards to Broad Street", the movie to which I reference, was based on the album.

Since this is a DVD community, my question here is this: They recently released 'A Hard Day's Night' on DVD, and some of the other Beatles' movies were released on DVD recently too. Was "Band on the Run" ever released on DVD? If so, when was it released and what's the easiest way to get a copy if they are still in circulation? If not, is it slated for release? And if not, what's the dilly yo?

I think it needs to be if not yet released or not yet slated for release on DVD.

Also, I found a funky tidbit regarding Metallica and an old limited edition promo that I'm sure I will never find in CD form. I'll be tracking that down over the next couple of weeks.

Remind me to start watching DVDs and doing some weekly reviews. And remind me to have people start checking out this journal.

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